Poultry Manure

We specialise in an efficient and professional service supplying Poultry Manure straight to the field.

Poultry manure has high nitrogen content, as well as offering some P&K (Phosphate & Potash) and excellent fertilising properties; it improves the soil quality and has also been found to reduce slug activity.

Our Poultry Manure service using our state of the art machinery ensures that all the nutrients available are accurately and evenly applied to our customers soils. We use Fast and Efficient Fastrac tractors and 24ton tri-axle trailers to deliver to fields where artic Lorries cannot. We have invested in a top of the Range Bunning HBD Spreader which uses discs to spread Poultry manure up to 24m with an exceptional spread pattern. The Spreader is Equipped with Weigh-Cells and an Auto-Rate Controller to ensure even, accurate coverage. The Trailers are also equipped with Weigh-Cells to ensure the correct tonnage is delivered.